Project management

Project manager  and structural engineer with laptop looking at mezzanine floor design.

We offer initial design, obtaining approvals, planning the integration of products from different sources, coordination of materials, machines and labour to completion whilst considering safety, timescales and cost.

Safety advice

Mezzanine floor and storage equipment surveyor undertaking survey in industrial environment.

Sometimes equipment is damaged or regulations change and a competent person is required to provide an opinion and advice. If it is to do with mezzanine floors or storage equipment, we can help.

Structural advice

Thumbs up, down and inbetween symbols with regard to mezzanine floors.

Acquired new premises containing legacy equipment without records? Not sure what the specification is or whether it is fit for your use? Want to extend your existing structure? Benefit from our specialised knowledge and experience. 

Surveys and assessments

Theodolite outdoors on new road and a bright day.

Need to know what is possible in your new building? We can undertake site surveys, highlight any issues that are likely to affect your proposal such as drawing discrepancies or requirements for foundations.

Legal support

Pair of spectacles on a stack of books.

If you need professional advice to resolve conflict relating to mezzanine floors then we can help. We can act as an independent party to evaluate installations and provide unbiased opinions.


A consultant and client in suits conversing whilst sat at a table with laptop and paperwork.

Whilst we specialise in mezzanine floors, our broad practical experience of related industrial construction matters gained whilst undertaking projects is available to, and frequently called upon, by our clients.

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