A colourfully lit mezzanine floor in a nightclub in a railway arch in London.

Nightclubs, gyms, trampolining and climbing centres,  cafeterias and childrens play centres are some of the wide range of sport and leisure environments in which our mezzanine floors are found.


A two storey office mezzanine floor within a workshop space at a conference centre in Essex.

Creating a multi storey office within a warehouse space is a very cost effective means of expanding  office space using mezzanine floors whilst avoiding the cost of relocation or new premises. 


A galvanised steel loading platform with low headroom pallet safety gate at a brewery in London.

Storage, assembly, plant platforms, production. Wherever there is unused headroom our mezzanine floors offer cost effective additional floorspace  with a range of access and handling options for getting goods up and down.

Warehouse and storage

A large expanse of clear mezzanine floor with double tubular handrail in a distribution warehouse.

Mezzanine floors are especially useful in the warehouse for creating storage space that is readily accessible for picking. They are also great for bulk storage of lighter irregularly shaped goods.


A small mezzanine floor above a despatch area  for storage of packaging in London.

Whilst mezzanine floors are beneficial for creation of an extra tier of accessible storage within a distribution centre they can be useful for storing packaging above a despatch area or creating ancillary offices and similar space saving tasks.

Showrooms and retail

View through glazed stainless steel handrailing from a trade showroom mezzanine floor near Heathrow.

Mezzanine floors can offer useful extra space for a showroom or within a retail store and can be equipped with more attractive balustrade and stairs for these environments. 

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