Pallets of boxed goods inside a modern warehouse.

kN per sq.m, kg per sq.m., tonnes per sq.m. or lbs per sq. ft. However you choose to measure the load on your mezzanine we can advise appropriate specifications for applications such as storage, office or heavier duties


Coils of steel.

Loaded steel deflects. Good design is to cost effectively keep the bending within acceptable limits in order to mimimise bounce and prevent damage to finishes, depending on the use of the mezzanine floor. 


Multiple spans of a bridge above a river.

For every mezzanine design there is a sweet spot, or most cost effective span between columns, however your business may operationally demand  or financially benefit from larger or smaller spans that we can also provide. 


A range of different samples with different finishes of decking for mezzanine floors.

Ply, steel, aluminium, GRP, OSB or 38mm particle board? All can be accommodated, 38mm particle board being the most common and available with class 'O' foil, non slip, sealed, prepaint and a range of other finishes.  


A storage mezzanine floor with access staircase and industrial double tubular handrail in Middlesex.

Double tubular industrial, childsafe vertical bar, sheet and mesh infilled or architectural handrail.

 All typically designed to BS 6399-1:1996 for office and storage areas occupancies, 0.74kN per linear metre or higher loads where called for.  


A galvanised steel external fire escape with double tubular handrail and top landing in London.

Part 'K', utility, Part 'M'. general access and spiral stairs designed with open or infilled risers, goings, widths and landings to suit the project. All designed for compliance with all regulations appropriate to the application.

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