Regulation aND mezzanine floors

Planning Permission

Extract from screenshot of the UK planning portal with question  'Do you need planning permission?'

Planning permission may be required for mezzanine floors when there are specific restrictions upon a property or where the introduction of a mezzanine floor will lead to increases in the need for parking such as retail projects.

Planning Portal

Building Regulations

Extract from screenshot of the UK Building Regulations 2010, Structure, approved document A.

As a minimum, design for compliance with parts A, B, K and M of the building regulations will need to be considered for a storage mezzanine floor. We guide our clients to ensure they have no unpleasant surprises.  

Approved Documents


Extract from bsi brochure about BS EN 1090 for structural steel and aluminium products.

As legally required our design and manufacture is undertaken in accordance with BS EN1090  and CE certified. This ensures the integrity of your mezzanine floor, particularly with respect to the grade of materials used and welding quality. 

BS EN 1090

Health and safety

Black straight single flight steel staircase with bright yellow nosings and adjacent mezzanine.

Using a mezzanine floor in your business presents risks. We understand and design for those risks to ensure the health and safety of future users and can support your use of mezzanine floors throughout their lifetime. 



Cropped image of cover of principle designers handbook and guide to the CDM 2015 regulations.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 place obligations on clients as well as other parties to make sure their mezzanine floor project is safe to build, use and maintain. We work with our clients to ensure safety.



Extract from screenshot of HSE safe use of work equipment ACOP.

Has your mezzanine floor been checked recently to ensure that it doesn't present any hazards? The provision and use of work equipment regulations require that all work equipment is regularly inspected by a competent person to ensure it's safety.


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