Biparting loading gates

A biparting pallet safety gate with pallet loading plate on an assembly mezzanine floor in Surrey.

If palletised loads are be tall, up and over type gates may be impractical and a biparting pallet safety gate may be the only option. Used only by trained operatives, they keep staff away from any exposed mezzanine floor edge.

Up and over pallet safety gates

An up and over pallet safety gate on a storage mezzanine at a London distribution centre.

A better solution for standard pallet sizes is the counterbalanced up and over pallet safety gate which keeps staff safely behind the gate at all times maintaining a barrier between them and the perimeter of the mezzanine floor.

Low headroom pallet safety gate

A low headroom pallet safety gate on a galvanised loading platform at a brewery in London.

Where there is insufficient headroom for an up and over type gate, a range of different low headroom pallet safety gates can be designed and fabricated to provide safe operation and protect operatives working on the mezzanine floor.


A technical drawing showing a side elevation of a two way mezzanine loading conveyor.

Reversible belt conveyors with loading and take off tables, plc controlled photocell operation to top and bottom in a range of widths and to suit the mezzanine floor height, can be supplied, delivered and installed.

Mezzanine lifts

The interlocked gate of a mezzanine goods lift at a West London site.

A purpose made cost effective mezzanine goods lift with static mast operates similarly to a fixed forklift fitted with a platform, enclosed and fitted with double gates and safety interlocks, supplied fully commissioned. and enabling safe loading.


A 3 dimensional representation of a parcel chute designed to serve a  mezzanine floor.

Best suited for moving uniform and lighter weight goods 

 downwards only, where there is an alternative method of loading a mezzanine floor such as a forklift, a chute can be more cost effective than a conveyor

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