Straight utility staircases

A small mezzanine floor and straight steel staircase with yellow tread nosings and handrail.

The simplest most functional staircase for a  small mezzanine floor fitted with integral double tubular handrail for an industrial environment. Steel treads are bolted to a pair of welded stringer/handrails.

Stair landings

A twin flight steel staircase with quarter turn landing and handrail in Kent.

Intermediate and top landings can be required in varying circumstances to satisfy building regulations or to overcome site, spatial or operational constraints. Fabricated steel landing frames can support a range of decking materials. 

General access staircases

Mezzanine floor with triple flight stair edged with steel handrail and lasercut infills in Kent.

Larger mezzanine floors will need  at least one general access staircase which will have at least one mid landing, closed stair risers and be wider than a utility stair. All our stairs have contrasting nosings as standard.

Multi storey staircases

Multi flight staircase with half turn landings serving an office  mezzanine floor near Heathrow.

Multi storey mezzanine floors and very tall mezzanines may need multi flight staircases with 180 degree landings. All stairs are bespoke and designed to suit the application and relevant regulations.

Spiral staircases

A galvanised steel spiral staircase serving an office mezzanine floor through a circular void.

Sometimes small spiral staircases can offer spatial savings or aesthetic benefits and can be acceptable for circulation within a building where occupiers are familiar with them. We offer a range of spiral stairs for our mezzanine floors. 

External fire escape staircases

A steel external fire escape staircase powder coated and fitted with galvanised perforated treads.

Occasionally a site is suitable for an external fire escape staircase releasing valuable additional internal space. We are able to provide fully galvanised fire escapes with various powder coating and handrail options.

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