Freestanding mezzanine floors

A freestanding mezzanine floor with a staircase and edged with handrail in an airport workshop.

Unless specifically requested, our mezzanine floors are freestanding, supported by the floor slab and require no other structural connection to the building in which they are located. For stability the structure can be of either braced or unbraced (portal) design.

Clear spans to suit you

An office mezzanine floor with a large clear span being assembled inside a coldstore in Surrey.

We understand that columns can get in the way and that's why we work with you to understand how you are using your building so that columns can be positioned where they have minimum impact on your operations. Spans up to 11m can be readily accommodated. 

Multiple storeys

Construction operatives grouting the recessed baseplates of a two storey mezzanine floor.

If the headroom is there, then it's likely that it can be used to create multiple storeys. The increased loads on columns and baseplates may require  foundations and in such instances we work with the client's or our own Structural Engineer to achieve an optimal design.

Fire protection

Fire protection of a mezzanine floor with galvanised column casings and a suspended ceiling grid.

Depending on the size and use of your mezzanine floor, building regulations may deem that it needs to be fire protected. We offer a number of methods of implementing fire protection in different environments to protect people and property.


A completed mezzanine floor with exposed columns, main steels , purlins, handrail and staircase.

Mezzanine floors comprise heavy steel and timber components that need to be assembled using lifting equipment, whilst working at height. Our fully trained competent installation teams are experienced in undertaking this work. 


A mezzanine floor with child safe vertical bar balustrade behind an extended scissor lift.

Planning, Building Regulations parts A, B, K & M, ISO 9001, BS EN  1090 CE marking, CSCS, SMSTS, H&S, CDM etc. These  are all part of our daily routine and we work with our clients to ensure necessary regulatory needs are met.

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