Partition baseplates

A mezzanine floor column fitted with an  extended rectangular baseplate with gussets .

When a projecting surface mounted square baseplate is unacceptable, we can make it rectangular, gusset it on both sides to ensure load is distributed without dishing and conceal it within a metal stud partition or inside blockwork.

Recessed baseplates

A mezzanine floor column recessed into a concrete floor slab and grouted to give a flush finish.

Another method of concealing baseplates is to diamond cut and break out a recess in the concrete slab, place the plate within the recess and make  good with grout, subject to satisfactory structural design.

Stub beams

Cantilevered stub beams supporting 38mm particle board decking and bolted to mezzanine main steel.

Sometimes if the decking overhang exceeds the permissible length, stub beams are necessary to support the overhanging board edge. Cantilevers in the main beam direction are more straightforward.

Chamfered baseplates

A circular mezzanine floor column fitted with chamfered circular baseplate and recessed fixings.

Chamfering the edges of a baseplate, particularly if it is large, prevents it becoming a potential trip hazard. Where steelwork will remain visible in a sensitive location, circular columns and base plates may be more aesthetically appealing. 

Countersunk fixings

A steel stair stringer with countersunk bright zinc plated stair tread bolts.

For a cleaner industrial look, exposed boltheads on visible parts of the mezzanine floor or stairs can be made to look neater by recessing them. Stair stringers can also be made to fit tight to walls when countersunk fixings are used.

Circular columns

Mezzanine floor with MF ceiling and exposed intumescent painted circular columns in a Surrey school.

Circular columns can be more visually pleasing than square columns. In this instance the existing exposed circular building columns are complemented by the smaller, circular columns of the new mezzanine floor. 

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