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  • Mez+za+nine ® floor sites vary from new buildings with good access to the far extreme. Quotations are prepared either following a detailed site survey or subject to such a survey.
  • In all circumstances a site survey will be completed and due consideration made of specific site conditions prior to material manufacture and a method statement and risk assessment is prepared.
  • Method statements and risk assessments are generic on a clear site at ground floor level with good access, but will be tailored to specific site requirements where this is not the case.
  • Mez+za+nine ® installation teams are equipped and instructed in the use of personal protective equipment. All UK site equipment is 110v or battery powered.
  • On a straightforward site materials will be delivered on a rigid bodied or articulated flat bed vehicle and unloaded by fork lift truck into a predesignated holding area.
  • All timber decking materials are stored under cover. Materials are checked against delivery schedules, the datum point is identified and the structure is set out from the installation drawings.
  • Where the site is shared with other contractors or the clients staff, the working area will be cordoned off and access restricted to the Mez+za+nine ® installation team.
  • Typically a Mez+za+nine ® installation team will comprise a Chargehand, reporting to the Installation Manager, accompanied by between one and three fitters. The team will include one certificated fork lift truck driver.
  • More than one team may be used on larger sites to reduce construction time. This may be undertaken where progress in more than one area is possible at the same time without compromising safety.
  • The Installation Manager will liaise with the Chargehand and attend sites as necessary to monitor installation and to ensure that progress in maintained in accordance with agreed programmes.
  • Upon completion of installation and tidying of the site to the Chargehand's satisfaction, the client will be requested to undertake their own inspection and to sign off the structure and site.
  • Provision of waste disposal facilities can be arranged where requested and specifed in the Mez+za+nine ® quotation. Otherwise offcuts and waste will be disposed of in a skip to be provided by the client.
  • Any snagging brought to the Chargehand's attention will be undertaken prior to departure from site where sufficient materials are available.
  • In the unlikely event of shortages or the need for remedial work this shall be promptly reported by the Chargehand to the Installation Manager for action to a timescale agreed with the client.