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Mezzanine Floor Installation Delivery 1
Mezzanine Floor Installation Unloading 2
Mezzanine Floor Installation Fixing Cleats 3
Mezzanine Floor Installation First Goalpost 4
Mezzanine Floor Installation Lifting Second Beam 5
Mezzanine Floor Installation Tying Goalposts 6
Mezzanine Floor Installation Infilling Deckbeams 7
Mezzanine Floor Installation Completed Floor 8
  • The following description of the Mez+za+nine ® floor installation process outlines the standard installation method on an unobstructed ground floor easily accessible site.
  • Mez+za+nine ® floor materials will be delivered on rigid bodied or articulated flat bed or curtainside vehicles and unloaded by fork lift truck into a predesignated holding area.
  • All timber decking materials are stored under cover. Materials are checked against delivery schedules, the datum point is identified and the location of the structure is set out from the installation drawings.
  • Components are numbered and identified on the installation drawings. Working from the datum point, the initial bay is determined and the column and beam components required to create this bay are identified.
  • Techspan beam brackets are bolted to the first main beam at ground level for ease of access. Two columns are located vertically over the relevant setting out marks, each adjacent to an alloy access tower.
  • At this point columns remain unfixed and consequently each column is loosely lashed to the adjacent scaffold tower to prevent them from being accidentally knocked over.
  • In addition to being numbered, all beams are marked with their centre point to enable forks to be accurately positioned for safe lifting by fork lift truck.
  • Using the fork lift truck the main beam is raised and aligned over the column cap plates, then lowered over the plates enabling columns and beam to be bolted together working safely from the scaffold towers.
  • An inital structural steel goalpost arrangement has now been created. A further two columns are located vertically and lashed to the scaffold towers for safety.
  • A second main beam is fitted with bolts and cleats, lifted, positioned and bolted hand tight to the columns to create a second structural steel goalpost arrangement.
  • Working from the scaffold towers, two Techspan secondary galvanised steel beams are bolted hand tight to the prepared brackets affixed to the main beams at each end tying the two goalposts together.
  • The four sided framework of the initial bay is now assembled, and has sufficient stability for the columns to be unlashed from the towers.
  • The towers are now loaded with further Techspan beams which are positioned, bolted in place and fully tightened. Beam tie rods are fitted where necessary.
  • Once the first bay is completed, further bays are erected by raising further goalposts and tying them to the initial structure until the whole structural steel framework is completed. Staircases are then assembled.
  • Decking is laid at right angles over the joists using an overlapping stretcher bond. The decking is fixed using self drilling and tapping screws. Any catladders are offered up and fixed at this point.
  • Following plumbing, levelling and fixing down of the framework, handrail is fitted as required,incorporating pallet loading gates, and a combined kickplate and fascia is fitted to the exposed edges of the floor.