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Mezzanine Floor Showroom 4
Mezzanine Floor Food Factory
Mezzanine Floor Warehouse
Mezzanine Floor Office 5
  • Mez+za+nine® floors are designed to meet specific needs. Each Mez+za+nine® utilises the same general principles and components, but is tailored to suit the clients specification by our Applications Engineers. The use to which the space both over and below the Mez+za+nine® is to be put will affect the load capacity, beam sizes and spacing, column layouts, decking materials and finishes etc. That need to be specified.
  • Initially, a brief is often prepared on the basis of a meeting and site survey at the clients premises; sometimes clients Architects, Structural Engineers or other consultants will provide drawings and a brief. On the basis of the client or consultants brief suggestions will be made for improvements or enhancements to enable the design to be fine tuned to satisfy the clients exact needs.
  • At this stage of Mez+za+nine® design, UK Building Regulations or equivalent standards overseas are taken into account to ensure that means of escape and structural fire protection are adequately addressed.
  • Wherever possible proposals will be discussed with the local authority or certifying organisation at this stage to ensure any aspects that are open to interpretation are highlighted, and drawn to the clients attention.
  • Concrete floor investigation can be undertaken where necessary, to ensure that baseplates are designed to adequately distribute loads through the slab, hardcore and subsoil, or that provision is made for foundations.
  • Having isolated and quantified potentially variable costs, a fixed price quotation can be prepared on the basis of the clients final specification, complete with CAD design drawings.
  • Following order placement full Mez+za+nine ® floor CAD manufacturing drawings can be e-mailed to clients, consultants and contractors to ensure each project is fully coordinated.
  • Upon completion of each project, any on site modifications, additions or alterations are noted, as built drawings are prepared and submitted for inclusion in the project file.