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  • Mez+za+nine ® floors comprise hot rolled steel columns and main beams supporting cold rolled galvanised Techspan secondary beams overlaid by decking material.
  • Staircases, handrail and fire protection are added as required. Attractive architectural finishes can be provided where aesthetics are a significant consideration.
  • The key to the structural integrity of a Mez+za+nine ® floor is the inset Techspan secondary beam and bracket. The unique sigma profile of beam and bracket provides excellent resistance to rotation.
  • The Techspan beam achieves greater spans and rigidity than comparable conventional C section secondary beams and offers superior damping properties.Techspan beams can be inset to maximise available headroom.
  • A wide range of Techspan beam depths, material thicknesses and brackets are available to suit different loading and span scenarios.
  • The shaped preformed brackets follow the Techspan beam profile and further enhance structural rigidity, minimising the need for further bracing.
  • Techspan beams are produced on a continuous rolling machine which pierces fixing holes and shears beams to exact length in a single press operation.
  • Techspan beams are manufactured from pre-hot dipped galvanised mild steel to BS2989 or Aluzinc, pre-hot dipped aluminium/zinc alloy coated steel, giving superior corrosion resistance to galvanised mild steel.
  • Steel to steel connections are made throughout the structure using high tensile zinc plated nuts, bolts and washers. Zinc plated torsional restraint bars are fitted between pairs of Techspan deckbeams.
  • Techspan deckbeams are available in a range of section depths. Profiles will be selected and spaced at centres to suit the prevailing load conditions and decking material used at each specific site.
  • A wide range of decking materials can be used including plywood, steel and aluminium chequerplate, galvanised steel and fibreglass open mesh decking, and cold rolled perforated plank systems.
  • The most popular and cost effective material available of grades for internal applications is 38mm particle board. This is available to suit a range of load duties as well as in a moisture resistant grade.
  • Mez+za+nine ® floors can either be slab supported by columns over an existing floor slab or purpose made foundations or built into structural walls.
  • Axial column loads are distributed over the slab by baseplates. Baseplates can be recessed into the slab or chamfered and fitted with countersunk floor fixings to minimise trip hazards.
  • Hot rolled steel components are painted with a xylene based primer that is compatible with water based intumescent paint systems.
  • Timber based decking materials are laid with their natural finish. Steel decking is finished either with a xylene based primer coat or galvanised according to clients specification. Special non standard finishes can be provided to meet the clients needs.